Mobile communication is actually affecting mobility in a negative way on many levels Extra resources. Toronto car accident lawyers often help clients who are hurt in a vehicle crash caused by a driver using a cellular phone, or hand held mobile device while driving. This is despite the fact driving while using a mobile device is illegal in Canada.

As a matter of fact, texting/talking while driving has become a real hot topic. Concerns are growing due to the ever increasing amount of accidents it causes. Drivers can now be charged for chatting on their cell, or using ANY type of hand held device while driving. Just like drinking, using a mobile device is considered impairment. This includes units such as tablets, iPads, smartphones, or digital music plug and plays.

Good Drivers By Definition
Being a good driver doesn’t just mean that we haven’t had tickets or accidents in a certain amount of time. In fact, anyone can be lucky, or observant enough not to get caught. Instead, being a good driver means we are capable of keeping our hands on the wheel and eyes trained on the road, regardless of distractions. Rubber necking (slowing down to look at an accident or distraction) can be just as devastating as using a mobile communication or entertainment device. Either can cause life threatening accidents, or accidents that ruin the quality of life uryiu4t.

Communication Freeze for Safety
Canadian lawmakers are not trying to damper the communication between families, friends and business associates. They are trying to make the roads a safer place by eliminating mobile device distractions. Why? They cause an unbelievable amount of accidents in both Canada and the United States. Many result in death, while other end up being disabled.

Statistics have proven that drivers are four times more likely to be involved in an accident when texting, chatting, skyping and seeking entertainment (iPad, music downloads)on a mobile device. Science has also proven that the chance of an auto or bike accident doubles by taking your eyes off the road for 2 seconds. That is a simple glance away at another accident, a moose along the roadside… or that text

Driving Under the Influence of…
Drunk driving is no longer the only way to drive under the influence now. Bill 31 is being reviewed by Canadian legislature, and will likely pass. What will this new Bill cover? Just for starters, it rules using a mobile device as “under the influence of a distraction”:

  • *Harsher penalties for “distracted” driving (texting, chatting, talking on cell,etc)
  • *Increased rights for cyclists
  • *Harsher penalties for drunk or drug impaired driving

Hard Core Penalties for Hard Core Pain
Why is Canada looking into more intensive penalties and punishments for texting and use of a mobile device while driving? The answer is simple. The victims of accidents caused by texters are at an all time high. Toronto car accident lawyers are closing more cases containing permanently debilitating injuries, like brain damage, paralysis, soft tissue damage, partial loss of mobility, broken bones, and ruptured organs. Safety should always come first. Take steps to avoid looking at an iPhone text instead of the road.