When dealing with the aftermath of a car accident and the resulting injuries, the situation may seem overwhelming. That’s where the team at Preszler Law Firm comes in. We can help you identify your best options for proceeding with a claim or seeking benefits, and assist you in navigating through the complex insurance process. We’ll help you start a claim and ensure you have the resources and assistance you need throughout your recovery period.

Our Toronto car accident lawyers can also answer some of the common questions you might have about your rights after a car accident, such as:

  • Can I sue the driver who is at fault for the accident?
  • Should I fill out and sign the forms my insurance company has sent me?
  • When should I consult a lawyer?
  • And much more!

Why Choose Preszler Law Firm’s Car Accident Lawyers in Toronto?

If you have been injured in a serious car accident, there is hope. Our lawyers can help you thoroughly understand your rights following an accident, and help you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to as a result of your pain and suffering.

Since 1959, Preszler Law Firm has successfully prosecuted more than 12,000 personal injury claims. We’ve seen it all when it comes to car accident claims and are constantly striving to achieve the best possible results for each of our clients.

For personalized service from a Toronto car accident lawyer, contact Preszler Law Firm today. Call us at 1-800-JUSTICE® to learn more about our car accident services.