1207, 2017

What to do if You’ve Been Hurt on a Bike

In the province of Ontario in Canada, it is common for bicycles to share the road with cars, trucks and other motor vehicles. The number of people cycling is also increasing on a seemingly daily basis, which means that the number of individuals getting injured on the road while on bicycles only increases. Unfortunately, being hurt while on a bike in Ontario is common. It’s important to know what to [...]

505, 2017

What Actions To Take After A Car Accident

A car accident can be a devastating situation for all parties involved. With the right steps, you can make it as harmless as possible and fix up your car in no time. It is important to discuss matters thoroughly, assess the damage, and contact automobile companies. Moments after the accident Right after the accident, you will likely be dazed and possibly in shock. Take deep breaths and assess the situation. [...]

204, 2017

4 Reasons Why You Should Get A Dash Cam

In countries like Russia, dashboard cameras are required by law. While that may seem like a bit much to Westerners, it actually makes a lot of sense. When you have a camera recording from your dashboard, it makes figuring out who was responsible for accidents and incidents a lot easier. To help you understand why this Russian staple needs to become just as common in the west, here are the [...]

2103, 2017

Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid After A Car Accident

#1. Admitting guilt In the aftermath of a frightening car accident, it can seem very natural to tell the other driver that you're sorry when you're checking on their health. Even if you do not mean this apology to be an admission of guilt, it can be used against you when you are trying to recover compensation for your injuries. #2. Not taking pictures Pictures you take of the scene [...]

1504, 2015

Toronto Car Accident Lawyers and Bill 31 Help Victims of Texting Drivers

Mobile communication is actually affecting mobility in a negative way on many levels Extra resources. Toronto car accident lawyers often help clients who are hurt in a vehicle crash caused by a driver using a cellular phone, or hand held mobile device while driving. This is despite the fact driving while using a mobile device is illegal in Canada. As a matter of fact, texting/talking while driving has become a [...]

2302, 2015

Toronto Car Accident Lawyers Can Get You Out Of A Fix

Getting involved in a car accident is a serious matter, and not just for the physical injuries that they can cause. Whether you are the complainant or the accused, you will likely have to undergo a lengthy legal process so that a satisfactory resolution to the case can be reached. Not to minimize the physical and emotional trauma caused by a car accident, but these legal difficulties often have a [...]

112, 2014

Legal Protection With A Car Accident Lawyer

If you have experienced a vehicular accident recently due to the fault of another party, it would be in your best interests to hire a car accident lawyer. Vehicular accidents often result in severe injury, and the costs associated with medical treatment–not to mention the loss of income–can be considerable. If the party responsible for the incident does not acknowledge culpability and refuses to provide monetary settlement, hiring a good [...]

2005, 2014

Good Car Accident Lawyers Hit For You, But Never Do They Run

Have you had a car accident? Do you know someone else who has had one? Do you or someone you know need help and you don’t know where to turn? Fear not, when an auto accident injury or damage is what you got, you need to find an lawyer and give them a shot. Choosing an Toronto car accident lawyers is relatively easy. The phone book is filled with them. [...]