In countries like Russia, dashboard cameras are required by law. While that may seem like a bit much to Westerners, it actually makes a lot of sense. When you have a camera recording from your dashboard, it makes figuring out who was responsible for accidents and incidents a lot easier. To help you understand why this Russian staple needs to become just as common in the west, here are the reasons why you need to own a dash cam.

1. Auto Accidents

This is the top reason why it’s advisable to own a dash cam. This is its primary purpose, to record any auto accident. When you have video footage of your car accident, there’s no way that an insurance company can deny your claim. It also is a godsend to your personal injury lawyer, should your case result in litigation.

2. Parking Mishaps

We’ve all gone into a store, thinking nothing of it, only to return to our vehicle to see that it has been dinged or dented. While some parking lots will have accessible surveillance footage, not all will. If you have a camera constantly running on your dashboard, you have a chance of going back and finding footage of what exactly transpired, including the license plate of the perpetrator.

3. Fraud Attempts

Although rare, there have been instances of cars or pedestrians purposefully swerving in front of vehicles in an attempt at insurance fraud. When you have a camera recording the event, their case is essentially shot. Even if they have the best lawyer in the world, there’s no arguing with video footage that proves that their actions were intentional and malicious.

4. The Fun Stuff

Have you ever narrowly missed an accident? Have you ever driven past a wacky character riding a unicycle? Have you ever seen an amazing astrological event while you were driving down the highway at night? While a dash cam isn’t a guarantee that you’ll become the next overnight viral sensation, “crazy dash footage” is one of the most popular categories on YouTube. While it’s definitely not the main reason to invest in a camera for your dashboard, it’s certainly an added perk.

Thankfully, dashboard cameras aren’t all that expensive. Many are quite affordable and easy to install, even if you’re no expert at cars or technologies. Considering the low investment, easy installation and all of the amazing benefits, there’s truly no reason why your car shouldn’t be equipped with a dash cam.